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Get started with the JA Money card

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The JA Money card gives you the tools to take big steps towards financial independence. Best of all, you can earn cashback on what you care about and choose to spend it however you like.

Get the JA Money card today. It only takes 3 minutes to sign up.

Set up your JA Money card

After you apply for the JA Money card, you can start using your virtual card right away! 

Get started by adding funds to your account. You’ll earn interest on that money, and you can get instant cashback when you shop with your virtual card.

Add funds

You can add funds to your JA Money ‌account by transferring money from an external bank account or by sending an Interac e-Transfer® to yourself.

There’s no minimum balance required in your account. That means you won’t have to pay fees if you have little (or no) money in your account.

Start using your virtual card

You can start earning cashback before your physical card arrives! Use your virtual card or add it to your mobile wallet.

Activate your physical card

Your physical card will be sent to your mailing address. When your card arrives, activate it using the Neo app or website.

How to use your card

You can use your card anywhere Mastercard® is accepted. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Spending limits

The amount you can spend from your JA Money card depends on how much you have in your account. For example, if you have $100 in your account, you can spend up to $100 with your card.

If you try to spend more than what you have in your account, your purchase won’t work.

Tap limits

You can use tap for purchases under $250. For amounts more than $250, use the card’s chip and PIN.

Withdrawing cash

You can withdraw cash from an ATM, but fees may be charged by the ATM provider.

Get instant cashback

When you use your card, you can earn instant cashback. You can redeem your cashback for merchandise at the Neo Store or add it to your account.

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