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Cheque deposits

  • Updated

Cheque deposits at ATMs or cheque deposits with the Neo app or website are currently not available. We’re currently investigating this feature, so keep an eye out for more information!

How to add funds

Even though mobile cheque deposits and ATM cheque deposits aren’t currently available, there are other ways you can add funds to your Neo account.

Deposit an Interac e-Transfer®

When you receive an Interac e-Transfer® (from yourself or another person), you can deposit it into your Neo Money™ account. Here’s how to deposit an Interac e-Transfer®

Send yourself an Interac e-Transfer®

If you want to quickly transfer funds from another bank account to Neo, send yourself an Interac e-Transfer®. Here’s how to send yourself an Interac e-Transfer®

Link an external bank account

After you link a bank account, you can transfer up to $100,000 at once to or from Neo Money™ accounts. Here’s how to link a bank to Neo.

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