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Increase your credit limit

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A higher credit limit is a good way to make more room for spending or lower your credit utilization. You can request a higher credit limit for standard credit cards from your credit account

Request a higher credit limit

After you request a higher credit limit from your credit account, we’ll review your eligibility and email you with the results.

Neo app

  1. Log in to the Neo app
  2. In the Accounts tab, select Credit
  3. Choose the credit account you want to increase the credit limit
  4. Tap Manage credit limit >


  1. Log in to
  2. Click on Credit from the side menu
  3. Choose the credit account you want to increase the credit limit
  4. Click on the three dots and select Manage credit limit

It may take a few weeks to review your request for a higher credit limit. Check your email for any updates.

Reasons to increase your credit limit

A higher credit limit can help lower your credit utilization and can give you more financial flexibility.

Lower your credit utilization

When you have a higher credit limit and don't spend much of it, you’ll have a lower credit utilization. Keeping your credit utilization below 30% across all of your credit cards is one of the ways to increase your credit score over time.

Improve your financial flexibility

Increasing your credit limit gives you more purchasing power by making more room for spending.

Eligibility for a higher credit limit

You can request an increase to your credit limit at any time, but you’ll only be approved if you’re eligible for a higher limit. Eligibility for a higher credit limit depends on your payment history, account usage, and other factors related to your credit utilization. 

Impacts to your credit score

Your credit score won’t be impacted if you request a higher credit limit. Your credit history will be considered when we determine your eligibility for a credit limit increase, but there won’t be a hard credit check.

Increase the credit limit for secured credit cards

The credit limit for secured card cards is the amount of money you have set aside in the security fund. If you have a secured credit card, you can increase your credit limit by adding money to the security fund


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