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Changes to your credit limit

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At Neo, we continuously review how our customers use their credit limits to make sure their available credit matches their spending needs. We want to ensure that credit limits are tailored to each individual's requirements.

If you have missed credit payments or if you aren't using lots of your available credit, your credit limit may be decreased. However, these changes aren't necessarily permanent. You may be able to increase your credit limit in the future if certain requirements are met. 

Why was my credit limit reduced?

Your credit limit may be reduced if you aren't using lots of your available credit or if you've missed a payment.

Low credit usage 

You may not be using much of your available credit. If your card has a large credit limit that's not being used, your credit limit may be reduced. 

If you find that your needs change or have worked to improve your credit score, you can request a credit limit increase. Here’s how to request a credit limit increase.

Missed credit payments 

Your credit limit be reduced because you have missed credit payments. Payment history plays an important role in determining your credit limit and can impact your credit score. To help our customers pay off their debts, we want to ensure that previous debt is paid off before more credit can be used. Here’s what makes up a credit score.

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