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Cash withdrawals from your Neo Money card

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You can withdraw funds from your Neo Money™️ account by using the Neo Money™️ card at an ATM up to a $500 daily withdrawal limit.

How to withdraw cash using your Neo Money card

To withdraw cash from your Neo Money card, use any ATM worldwide that displays the Mastercard, Cirrus, or Maestro logos.

  1. Insert your Neo Money card into the ATM
  2. Enter the 4-digit PIN of your card
  3. Choose the amount and follow the instructions

If you don’t remember the PIN for your Neo Money™️ card, view the PIN for your Neo Money card on the Neo app or website.

Fees for cash withdrawals

Neo doesn’t charge domestic or international ATM cash withdrawal fees or cash advances fees on the Neo Money card. However, some ATM operators may charge a fee.

Cash withdrawal limit on the Neo Money card

You can withdraw up to $500 per day from an ATM using your Neo Money account balance. If you exceed the daily limit, you can try again after 24 hours. 

If a transaction is declined at the ATM due to an incorrect PIN, it will still be included in the daily cash withdrawal limit. Daily limits are based on a 24-hour day, which runs from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM in your timezone.

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