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Overpayment to your credit card

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If you pay more than what you owe on your credit card, your credit account will show a negative balance. Overpayments to your credit card can be used towards future purchases.

What can you do after an overpayment

If you overpaid your credit account and now have a negative balance, you can use your overpaid balance towards future purchases. 

Refunds for overpayments

Refunds for overpayments depend on the amount and how you made the payment:

  • If you overpaid from a Neo Money account and the amount is over $200, chat with us to request a refund.
  • If you overpaid from an external account, reach out to your financial institution to request a payment reversal.

A payment reversal typically takes around 4 weeks to process.

Manage your credit card payments 

To make it easy to pay the right amount towards your credit card, you can set up Auto-Pay.

Set up Auto-Pay 

You can avoid late fees and pay the exact balance owing using the Auto-Pay feature. This allows you to set up automatic payments from your Neo Money account.

Set up Auto-Pay to make sure your payments are always on time and you only pay what you owe.

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