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Updates to cashback rewards (July 2024)

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We’ve been working behind-the-scenes to optimize our cashback programs. We’re excited to share the updates with you soon!

Summary of changes

To prepare for our new and improved cashback program, we’re making a few changes:

  • Limit to cashback on every purchase: If you have a Premium subscription, cashback earned on all purchases will be limited by a total spending cap starting on September 1, 2024. 
  • In-progress offers moving to the Neo Credit card: If you have a Neo Money™️ card and Neo Credit card, any in-progress offers will need to be completed on the Neo Credit card after August 1, 2024.

Changes to cashback on every purchase with Premium

For Premium subscribers

Starting September 1, 2024, cashback earned on every purchase from the Premium subscription will be limited by a total spending cap. After your monthly spending reaches the limit, you’ll no longer earn cashback on every purchase. Here are the spending limits:

  • Neo Credit card (secured and standard): $1,666/month
  • Neo Money™️ card: $833/month
  • Hudson’s Bay Mastercard (secured and standard): $1,666/month
  • JA Money card: $833/month

The new spending limit does not apply to cashback earned from Neo partners. Cashback earned from gas and grocery purchases are subject to separate spending caps.

In-progress offers moving to the Neo Credit card

For cardholders with both the Neo Credit card and Neo Money card

Starting August 1, 2024, all cashback offers need to be earned using the same card (either the Neo Money card or the Neo Credit card). For example, if you start an offer using the Neo Credit card, then you need to complete the offer using the Neo Credit card to get the reward. 

Any offers that are in progress on August 1, 2024 will need to be completed on your Neo Credit card. 

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