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Manage your finances better with Insights

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Gain insights into spending habits, organize transactions in categories, and track the cashback you earned by going to Insights on the Neo app or website.

Benefits of using Insights

Use Insights to track and learn your financial habits from your Neo account.

You can use the Insights to:

  • View monthly spending
  • Categorize transactions
  • View average spending in each category
  • Track the cashback you earned from purchases

How to view Insights

With Insights, you can learn more about your spending habits for your credit and Neo Money accounts (including net cash flow and the activity of money in and money out).

Neo app

  1. Log in to the Neo app
  2. Tap Insights and select Spending or Cash flow


  1. Log in to
  2. Click on Insights from the left side and select Spending and Cash flow

Spending insights

Go to the Spending tab in Insights to view your spending by category. You can filter by account to view your spending for credit or Neo Money accounts. 

Cash flow insights

Go to the Cash flow tab in Insights to view your account activity and a summary of money in and money out.

Ask Neo AI

Get answers about your account activity for the last 30 days with Neo AI. Gain a deeper understanding of your financial habits in seconds.

Neo app

  1. Log in to the Neo app
  2. Tap Insights
  3. In the Spending tab, tap Neo AI
  4. Input your question to start the conversation

Neo AI is currently only available on the Neo app. It’s designed for educational purposes (not for financial advice).

Credit score monitoring

If you have Premium, then you get access to credit score monitoring. 

Neo app

  1. Log in to the Neo app
  2. Tap Insights
  3. Tap Credit score (in the top right corner)


  1. Log in to
  2. Select Insights in the side menu
  3. Select Credit score

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