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Locked or dormant Neo Money accounts

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A dormant account means your Neo Money™ account or Neo High-Interest Savings account ‌isn’t active but you can still access the account. If there's been no transaction activity in the account for 24 months, your account may be considered dormant.

If you’re unable to access your Neo Money™ account, then your account may be locked. Chat with us for assistance with your locked account or get help if you can’t log in to your account.

Dormant Neo Money™ accounts

If you have a Neo Money™ account that might become dormant, you may receive an email or a letter in the mail. You can still log in and access your account.

Why do accounts go dormant?

It’s a regulatory requirement to classify an account as dormant if there haven’t been any transactions in the previous 24 months.

What happens if your Neo Money™ account is dormant?

You won’t incur fees if your Neo Money™ account is inactive (dormant).

Re-activate your Neo Money™ account

Here are the two ways to reactivate your account.

  1. Add or withdraw funds from your account
  2. Chat with us. Our Specialists can help

Locked Neo Money™ accounts

Neo Money™ accounts may be locked for fraud prevention or security concerns. Chat with us if you have a locked Neo Money™ account or get help logging in to your Neo account if you can’t log in.

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