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Rewards with secured credit cards

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Secured credit cards offer the same rewards as a standard credit card while also being great ways to build credit. Whether you have a secured or standard credit card, the rewards you earn from your purchases will be the same.

To make a decision on what rewards type is right for you, find the best credit card for your financial goals.

Rewards programs for secured credit cards

The rewards programs for secured credit cards are the same as the equivalent standard credit cards. 

  • Neo Rewards: Neo Credit card, secured Neo Credit card, and the Neo Money™ card
  • Hudson’s Bay Rewards points: Hudson’s Bay Mastercard and the Hudson’s Bay Mastercard® with secured credit
  • Asia Miles: Cathay World Elite® Mastercard and the secured Cathay World Elite® Mastercard

Why get secured credit if there is no difference in rewards?

Secured credit cards help to establish or reestablish credit. By using secured credit cards, you can build credit and get the same rewards as a standard credit card. 

Learn more about how secured credit cards work.

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