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Pending transactions on your card

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A pending transaction is a transaction made with your card that hasn’t been posted yet.

Typically, a pending transaction is posted within 3 business days of the transaction. However, some pre-authorized payments may remain pending for up to 30 days.

How do pending transactions work? 

When a transaction is made on your card, it’s initially marked as pending and the amount is deducted from your available credit until the transaction is settled with the merchant. Once settled, the transaction will either be posted or reversed.

If the pending transaction is reversed, the transaction will disappear from your account and you won’t be charged.

Pending transactions can’t be cancelled because they are already authorized on your card.

Contact the merchant to resolve the issue. If the issue wasn’t resolved, then you can raise a dispute claim with us. Here's a step-by-step guide to dispute a transaction.

What’s the processing time for pending transactions?

Pending transactions usually take up to 3 business days to be posted or reversed. However, some transactions (such as pre-authorized payments for car rentals or hotels) may take up to 30 days to settle. 

If a pending transaction isn’t settled, then the merchant’s authorization will expire and the transaction amount will be reversed.

Don’t recognize a pending transaction?

If you don’t recognize a pending transaction, first confirm you didn’t make the transaction. Here are some common purchases that may create pending transactions:

  • Signed up for a subscription: Some subscriptions will confirm your card is valid by placing a temporary pending transaction. The pending transaction will disappear in a few days. 
  • Added your card to a mobile wallet: You may get a temporary pending transaction (often around $3) from Google or Apple when you add your card to a mobile wallet. The transaction will disappear in a few days and you won’t be charged.
  • Booked a hotel room or car rental: Pre-authorized payments may be required when booking hotels or car rentals, and these transactions will show up as pending.

After confirming you don’t recognize the pending transaction, freeze your card and report the unauthorized transaction.

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