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What are the differences between the Neo Reward Bundles?

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Bundles are one of the way’s Neo gives Canadian’s the most bang for their buck in rewards. The rewards bundles are tailored to be able to fit your lifestyle, from our everyday essentials bundle to our mind & body bundle - there’s something for everyone. 


Check below for a breakdown of each bundle and what benefits are included! 

Everyday Essentials

Digital Protection


Food & Drink

Mind & Body

Spend on the things you need while earning 2% cashback or more at grocery and gas partners.

Make your digital life more secure and worry-free with 24/7 cyber support, credit monitoring, and password management.

Travel like a pro with premium travel perks ranging from worldwide lounge access to cashback on travel partners and foreign exchange spending.

Treat yourself and earn more cashback at partner restaurants, cafes and bars.

Focus on your wellness by unlocking access to popular health and fitness apps while boosting your cashback.

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