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How do I pay my Secured Card bill?

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You can pay off your Neo Mastercard Secured Card card through your other financial institution’s ‘Bill Pay’ feature or directly through your Neo Money Account. 



Bill Pay:

  1. Log in to your financial institution’s app or web banking.
  2. Select the ‘Bill Pay’ feature.
  3. Search for ‘Neo Financial’ as a payee.
    1. CIBC: Mastercard Neo Financial
    2. HSBC: Neo Financial Technologies Ltd.
  4. Enter your 16-digit Neo Secured Card or Hudson’s Bay Secured Card number as the account number.
  5. Follow your financial institution’s instructions in order to finalize the update or addition.
  6. Then you can select Neo Financial from the list of payees you’ve added!
  7. Select the amount you want to pay. 
  8. Confirm the payment!


From your Neo Money account:

  1. Login to your Neo account through the app.
  2. Select the window that says ‘Credit.’
  3. From here you should see your borrowed balance, and a button underneath that says ‘Pay.’

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