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Understand cashback

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Cashback is a rewards program that allows you to earn a percentage of the amount you’re spending. Neo offers rewards that vary based on where you shop.

How does cashback work

Cashback is a percentage of your spending. For instance, if you shop at a grocery store where you get 1% cashback  and you spend $100, the cashback you receive will be 1% of $100, which is $1.

This cashback can be found in your Rewards Wallet which you can redeem to your account or at the Neo store.

How do Neo rewards work

You can earn more cashback at Neo partners. Here’s how you can view Neo cashback partners.

Neo rewards you based either on a combination of making multiple visits to a business or via first-time bonuses. Depending on the merchant you’re visiting, the offer may differ. Every time you use your card to pay at one of our Neo partners, you'll earn either cashback for a percentage of the purchase, or make progress towards a reward.

Cashback is instantly credited to your account and will appear on your transaction list after you make a purchase. 

Neo partners can be updated, be sure to check if the merchant is still on our network before making your purchases.

Earned rewards

Your earned cashback is stored in your Rewards Wallet. Here’s how to view earned rewards.

Redeem cashback

You can redeem your cashback by transferring the amount to your credit or Money account. You can also use your cashback to redeem items at the Neo store. Here’s how to cash out your cashback.

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