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What are bill reminders and notifications?

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Bill reminders are a convenient way to keep track of upcoming due payments


Notifications are automatically enabled (if you give us permissions on your smartphone) to inform you when:

  • Transactions are made
  • Your statement is available
  • When your credit limit is within $100 of your current balance
  • 7 days before your credit payment is due


This feature sends you notifications based on your selected preferences before a payment due date. 


You can change notifications related to your Neo Mastercard® or Hudson’s Bay Mastercard. To adjust these settings, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Sign in to the app or online at
  2. Select the Profile tab.
  3. Select Notifications.
  4. Tap the toggles to turn each notification on or off. You can also edit the number of days before you get a payment due notification, or when to be alerted that your credit limit is approaching.
  • Notifications have been updated in our Neo app! Once you log in, you will see a bell icon in the top right corner of the Accounts page. Here, you will find all notifications related to updates, personalized offers, and more.

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