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Interac e-Transfer® processing time

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Interac e-Transfer® requests are usually completed within 30 minutes, but they can take up to 45 minutes.

If an Interac e-Transfer® request is taking longer

Common reasons include:

  • Poor internet connection on either the sender or recipient side causing a delay. Make sure the internet connection on both sides is not weak.
  • Email address or phone number had typo errors while creating a contact. If yes, cancel the existing Interac e-Transfer® request, edit the saved contact with the correct information, and resend.
  • Large transfers may require a security review. You need to wait until the process is completed because a financial institution cannot expedite it.
  • If you have a JA Money card, make sure you have set up Autodeposit. You won’t be able to receive Interac e-Transfer® requests if Autodeposit isn’t enabled.

If you have a JA Money card, you won’t be able to receive Interac e-Transfer® requests if you haven’t set up Autodeposit.

Additional information

Incoming transfers

It is possible the sender’s financial institution may be holding your money transfer.

You can ask the sender to contact their financial institution for more information.

Outgoing transfers

Our team may block your money transfer for a security review and protection against fraud.

Check your email registered with your Neo account and respond to the email sent by our team.


Autodeposit is a faster and more convenient way to receive a money transfer.

Benefits of registering for Autodeposit

  • Your money transfer is automatically deposited.
  • It helps to protect you from fraud.

Interac e-Transfer® Autodeposit is easy to set-up and update.

If you’re not registered, here’s how to enable Autodeposit.

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