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Dispute a transaction

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You can file a dispute if you haven’t received what you paid for, are having problems with a purchase, or your card has been compromised.

Pending transactions can’t be disputed. You can dispute the transaction after it has been posted.

Before you submit a transaction dispute

Check the merchant’s terms of service

For some purchases (such as flight tickets, hotel reservations, and car rentals), the merchant’s terms of service may state that purchases are non-refundable. In these cases, disputes are likely to be ruled in the merchant’s favour.

Try to solve the issue with the merchant

Dealing directly with the merchant is a much faster way of getting your money back than submitting a dispute. 

Even if the merchant never responds to your messages, it’s important that we know that you tried.

Gather evidence

Any information about the transaction and your attempts to contact the merchant will help us prepare a solid case for your transaction dispute. 

Gather evidence that shows useful information about your problem, such as transaction details, expected delivery date, and emails you exchanged with the merchant. 

You can submit photos, screenshots, and PDF documents. We’re unable to accept videos or audio recordings, so we suggest communicating with the merchant over email or text message.

How to submit a transaction dispute

You can submit a transaction dispute from the transaction details of your account. The Neo Virtual Assistant will help you provide information and upload documents.

Neo app

  • Log in to the Neo app on your mobile device
  • Select the Money or Credit option at the top of the page to see your account 
  • Select the account and then choose the transaction you want to dispute
  • Tap Report issue
  • Select Yes or No when it asks if you recognize the transaction
  • Select Chat, if you recognize the transaction


  • Go to and log in to your account
  • Click on the Credit or Money box 
  • Select the transaction you want to dispute
  • Click on Report issue
  • Select Yes or No when it asks if you recognize the transaction
  • Select Chat, if you recognize the transaction

You'll need to submit documents to support your claim. This can include receipts, messages with the merchant, or any other relevant documentation.

After you submit a transaction dispute

Our team will review the information you provided and initiate the chargeback process. It can take a few months to resolve the dispute, so we’ll send any updates to your email.

We’ll be available to help you through the entire process. Reply to our emails if you have any questions or want to provide more evidence.

If the dispute is ruled in the merchant’s favour, you’ll be debited for the cost of the purchase.

Here are the full details of what to expect after you file your dispute.

Transactions that can be disputed

Unauthorized transactions

If your card has been compromised and there are transactions you don’t recognize, you can dispute them. Here’s how to report unauthorized transactions on your card.

If you don’t recognize transactions on your account, freeze your card and then chat with us.

Problems with a product or service

You can dispute purchases where you never received the product or service, or if the product was damaged or different than described by the merchant.

Suggested evidence and documentation

  • Screenshots or verification that the product was never received (such as a shipment delivery email)
  • Screenshots that show how your purchase is different than described by the merchant

Refund not processed

If you return a product, are promised a refund, but never receive it, you can file a dispute. Since refunds may take a few days to process, wait at least 15 days before disputing the transaction.

Suggested evidence and documentation

  • Refund slip or receipt for in-store returned items
  • Shipping information or delivery tracking email that shows the product was returned

Duplicate charges

You can dispute purchases where you’ve been charged multiple times for the same order or product. Duplicate purchases can be made either on the same card or on different cards.

Suggested evidence and documentation

  • Screenshots, images, or emails that show that only one product was received
  • If the duplicate charges were made on multiple cards, provide the transaction history or bank statements for the other cards

Charged for a cancelled subscription

If you've cancelled a subscription but are still charged on the next billing cycle, you can dispute the charge.

Suggested evidence and documentation 

  • Screenshots or emails that show you’ve requested to cancel the subscription before the billing due date
  • Evidence that confirms the cancellation took place before your credit card was charged


Suggested evidence and documentation 

  • Any documents, screenshots, or photos that show the details of the scam.

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