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Time it takes to receive a refund from the merchant

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You recently returned an item and are expecting a refund from the merchant.

The time it takes for your refund to be posted to your credit account varies depending on your return method. For example, if you return a purchase in-store, by mail, or if the cancellation occurred for a subscription service.

Refund processing time

Merchants usually take 10 business days to post refunds on credit or money accounts.

The following are some common scenarios you may face when receiving a refund from a merchant.

Purchase returned in-store

You’ve recently returned a purchase in-store. The merchant processed a refund and you're expecting it to show up on your credit account.

It often takes time for a refund to be applied. Check the merchant's refund policy to find out how long this process should take.

Purchases returned by mail

You’ve recently returned a purchase by mail. The merchant will not process a refund until the return is received and accepted.

Wait for your package to arrive at the merchant's facility. The merchant will process the refund within the time-frame outlined in their refund policy.

Cancelled subscription service

You’ve recently cancelled a subscription service from a merchant and the merchant has processed a refund to your credit account. You can expect to receive the refund within the guided refund processing time.

It has been 30 days and I haven’t received my refund

Transaction Dispute

If you've contacted the merchant and haven't received your refund in over 30 days, we can look into this for you. Here's information on how to file a dispute.

Disputing a transaction does not guarantee that you will receive a refund. Our team will investigate your claim and send you an outcome.

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