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Sign up for a Money account

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The Money account is a one-stop-shop for your spending, saving, and earning needs, offering an easy way to track your money from night to day.

You’re almost there to open your Money account.

Savings made smarter and easier

Everyone has different savings goals, so why keep all savings in one pot? The High-Interest Savings Account is designed to help you organize your money in a simpler and smarter way to achieve your savings goals.

The Auto-save feature gives you more flexibility and allows you to adjust your money allocations intelligently across different goals based on your needs.

Grow your savings today

We may ask you to share your personal information and complete an ID verification check to get the account.

How to get your Money account

Neo app

  • Tap Sign up on the Neo app and follow the steps for profile creation
  • Select the account type, then tap Continue
  • Tap Start 🡲
  • Enter your details and verify your identity
  • Review your agreements and tap Accept to open your account

Start earning cashback while you spend your own money from the Neo Money™ account. Here’s how to apply for the Neo Money™ card.

The Neo Money™ card is only available through the Neo Money™ account.


  • Go to and follow the steps to create your profile
  • Select the account type, then tap Continue
  • Select Start 🡲
  • Give us your details and complete ID verification
  • Review your agreement and select Accept to open your account

You can link an external bank account with the Money account to move up to $100,000. Here’s how to link an account and start funding.

Transferred funds usually take 3-5 business days to be processed and available for you to use them. However, large transfers can take up to 8 business days.

Application in review

If your application is in review, don’t worry. We’ll email you once your account is ready. Here are some reasons for an application in review.

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