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Understanding my credit card statement

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How do I read my statement?

  • Statement date: The date the statement is issued, marking the end of the previous billing period and the start of the new billing period.
  • Payment: A summary of your account that includes: 
    • New Balance: Balance of your account on the statement date. To avoid interest on new purchases you need to pay the New Balance in full by the Due Date.
    • Minimum Payment: The minimum amount you need to pay by the Due Date to keep your account in good standing (no negative payment history).
    • Due Date: The last day for Neo to receive your credit card payment on time. This is 21 days after the statement is released.
      • A note on how long it would take to pay off the current balance by making only the minimum payment each month.


Account Summary

  • Previous Amount Owing: The total balance that appeared on your last statement.
  • Payments, New Purchases & Debits, Refunds & Credits, Rewards Cashed Out: The total amount of each of these transaction types posted during the statement period.
  • Cash Advances: The total amount of cash borrowed against your credit limit during the statement period.
  • Fees: Any fees charged during the statement period. For more information on fees, please consult your cardholder disclosure.
  • Interest Charged: The interest charged during the statement period.
  • New Amount Owing: The total amount owing at the end of the statement period.
  • Card Credit Limit: The maximum amount you can borrow on the card at a time.
  • Available Credit: The amount of credit remaining on the card after your past balance and new charges have been subtracted from your credit limit.
  • Annual Interest Rate: The annual interest rate you are charged on unpaid balances.


  • Rewards can be cashed out at any time and used to pay your bill. With that said, rewards cashed out towards your statement and your payment do not contribute to your minimum payment. To view your minimum payment, refer to the “Payment” section within your Statement.
    • Cashed Out: Total rewards cashed out and applied to your balance during the statement period.
    • Total Available: Total rewards available to be cashed out during the statement period.


  • A detailed list of all of the purchases, refunds, and payments posted to your account during the statement period.


  • Returns are linked to your transaction status.This means that if your purchase is still in “pending” status, your return will also be pending.
  • If you’re awaiting a return and have paid off your statement balance excluding the return, please ensure the return will be processed before your due date to avoid interest charges. A pending return will not be accounted for in your statement balance.

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