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Lost, stolen, or damaged card

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If your card is lost, stolen or damaged, you can get a new card and dispute any unauthorized transactions.

Lost card

If your card is misplaced and has no unrecognized transactions, you can request a new card. Requesting a new card will freeze your old card and you’ll get a virtual card to use until your physical card arrives in the mail.

If your card is only temporarily misplaced, you can ensure your card can’t be used by freezing your card.

Stolen card

Order a replacement

Replace your card immediately and block transactions on your stolen card. You will be notified of transactions attempted on your old card. No new transactions will be posted on the inactive card.

Dispute any transactions

In case you have unauthorized transactions on your card, you can dispute these transactions.

Damaged card

If your card got damaged, there's no need to stress as we got you covered. It won't cost you a dime. You can request a brand-new shiny card through the Neo app or website. Within no time, you'll be ready to add your card to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

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