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Freeze your card

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How to freeze your card

Neo app

  • Log in to the Neo app on your mobile device
  • Scroll down, and under Card Management, select your card
  • Tap Freeze, then confirm Freeze


  • Go to and log in to your account
  • Select Cards from the side menu
  • Click on Freeze, then confirm Freeze

When you want to use your card again, follow the same steps and select Unfreeze

What happens if you freeze your card?

Freezing your card deactivates your card so it can no longer be used to make purchases. If a transaction is pending on your account, freezing your card will not block that transaction.

Payments to your credit account also won’t be blocked when your card is frozen.

If you have lost your card, you can request a replacement.

If you request a new card, this does not stop you from making purchases! You can use your virtual card until your physical card arrives.

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