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Add your card to Google Pay

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Make secure purchases using Google Pay—even if you don’t have your card with you.

How to add your card to Google Pay

You can add your card to Google Pay from the Google Wallet or with the Neo app.

With the Neo app

  • Go to the Home tab, scroll down, and select your card
  • Tap Add to Google Pay 
  • Confirm your information and click on Continue
  • Accept the terms and conditions

From Google Wallet

  • Open the Google Wallet app
  • Select +Add to Wallet
  • Select Payment card
  • Scan your card’s details or enter them manually

A pending charge from Google may be added to your account. This charge checks to make sure your card is valid, but it will be removed.

Using your mobile wallet

Make secure purchases with tap

Pay with your card from your Google Wallet anywhere that tap payments are accepted. You can make purchases up to $250.

After your physical card arrives

You will need to re-add your card to your mobile wallet when your physical card is activated.

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