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Priority Pass lounge

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Priority Pass is a membership that allows customers to access lounges at 1300+ airport lounges across the world.

Lounges provide a peaceful environment to either relax or work in. Members can enjoy pre-flight snacks and beverages while taking advantage of other amenities that help them refresh and revive.

Your Priority Pass membership cost is covered through the travel perk. However, you’ll still have to pay an entrance fee of $35/USD.

How do I get the Priority Pass?

Priority Pass is included with Neo’s Travel perks. You also get travel insurance and cashback on all foreign transactions by adding the Travel perks. Here’s how to add or cancel perks

How do I enrol for the Priority Pass?

Once you subscribe to the perks, you’ll receive an email with instructions to help you sign up for Priority Pass.

To activate Priority pass you’ll be asked to:

If you have trouble receiving your code, contact Priority Pass.

How do I use the lounge?

Once you create your online account you should have a Digital Membership Card to use when you want to access the lounge. You should also receive a physical card in the mail. You’ll need to present your membership card when you want to access the lounge.


Customers who subscribe to the Travel perk won’t be charged the usual annual membership cost of $99/USD for a Standard Priority Pass.

There is an entrance fee that isn’t included with your Travel perk. The Priority Pass member visit fee costs $35/USD each time you use the lounge.

Members can bring one additional guest to access the lounge. There will be an additional fee of $35/USD for the guest you bring along with you.

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