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Expected delivery for your card

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Once you’ve requested a new card, it will be mailed to you and can be expected within 15 business days. If you opted for rush delivery, this can take 3-5 business days.

During peak times of the year, it might take longer for your card to arrive in the mail.

What if your card hasn’t arrived?

You can order a replacement card at any time from the Neo app or website. Here’s how to order a replacement card.

It is recommended that you ‌order a replacement 3-5 business days after the expected delivery time of your previous card in the event of a delay. 

Ensure that your address is accurate, and make adjustments if needed before you request a replacement. Here’s how to update your personal details.

If you order a replacement and the previous card sent to you is delivered, it can no longer be used. You will have to wait for the new physical card to arrive and activate it to use the card. Your virtual card will be available to use during this time.

If your card was ordered with rush delivery, we can look into finding a tracking number for you. Here’s how you can contact us.


Can I use my card before it arrives in the mail?

You can find your card details on your Neo app or website. Here’s how to view your virtual card.

Can someone else use my physical card if it’s lost in the mail?

If your card is misplaced in the mail, you can easily request a new one. Don't worry—the missing card cannot be used to make purchases since it has not been activated.

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