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Reasons your application wasn’t approved

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Your application may not be approved for many reasons, including credit history, expired or invalid ID, and the use of VPN.

Why your application might be declined

Minimum age requirement

The minimum age to get a credit card depends on where you live. In Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and PEI, the minimum age is 18. In all other provinces and territories, the minimum age is 19.

Valid ID

For your application process, you are required to have a valid Canadian ID that is accepted. 

VPN in use

If you have a VPN on your device, be sure to disable it before you apply to avoid an auto-decline. If you face a decline due to this, contact us to see if you can reapply.

Credit history

Your credit history depends on several factors including payments, credit utilization, and types of account. Here’s more information on what makes up your credit score.

Options if your application wasn’t approved

How to reapply

To check if you can reapply, contact us. Permission to apply again is based on the reason for decline. If the decline was due to credit reasons, it’s not advised to reapply right away as you may face another decline.

Secured Credit

If your application was not approved, you may be eligible for our Neo Secured Credit card. This can help build your credit, and you will gain the same rewards as our standard credit card.

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