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Report unauthorized transactions or fraud

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If there are card transactions you don’t recognize, freeze your card to prevent any unauthorized purchases and report the transactions.

If you notice suspicious activity or your card is compromised, chat with us right away.

What to do if you don’t recognize a transaction

Freeze your card

Freeze your card on the Neo app or website to block any new purchases. 

Search the merchant online

Some merchants use a different description for their name when they process a transaction. Searching for the merchant name may help identify the source of the charge.

Check the transaction date 

Try to remember where you were and what you were doing on the day and time you were charged—especially if you did something out of your routine.

Ask people you are close to

Someone may have used your card without you knowing. Check with your friends and family that may have access to your card.

Report unauthorized transactions

If you suspect a transaction was unauthorized, chat with us. We’ll help you secure your account and look into the transaction.

If there was a mistake with a transaction you know you made, you can dispute the transaction.

Tips on securing your account

Reset your password

Change the password for your Neo Financial account and your registered email. It is recommended that the password of your accounts are updated every 90 days to keep them secure

Avoid using the same password for multiple platforms.

Complete antivirus checks

Run an antivirus check on all the devices you use to access your account online. An antivirus check can protect you from your digital information being compromised.

If your card information has been compromised you can request a new card.

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