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Change your PIN

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Your PIN is a 4-digit code used to make purchases when you insert your card. It is needed for purchases larger than $250.

How to change your card’s PIN

Neo app

  • Log in to the Neo app on your mobile device
  • Scroll down, and under Card Management, select your card
  • Tap the More icon
  • Tap Change your PIN
  • Enter your current PIN
  • Enter your new PIN, and then enter it again to confirm


  • Go to and log in to your account
  • Click on Cards in the side menu
  • Scroll down to Security & Help section
  • Select Change your PIN
  • Select Continue
  • Enter your current PIN number
  • You can now enter your new PIN
  • Click Continue

About changing your PIN

First time using your new PIN

After you change your PIN, you must insert your card and use your previous PIN for your first purchase. Your PIN will then be successfully changed.

Replacement cards

If you request a replacement card, your PIN will be the same.

If you have more than one card, be sure the correct card is selected for the PIN change

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