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Reasons your card is declining

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Common reasons for declined transactions include tap issues, insufficient funds, inactive card, frozen card, blocked transactions, information mismatch, and one-time password.

How to identify and resolve card decline issues

Tap issues

Tap can’t be used for purchases over $250. Insert your card and use your PIN to complete transactions greater than $250. Ensure your tap, chip, and swipe transactions are enabled.

Neo app

  • Log in to the Neo app on your mobile device
  • Tap the Cards tab
  • Tap Settings to check that the toggle is green


  • Go to and log in to your account
  • Select the Cards tab
  • Select or scroll to Settings and check that the toggle is green

Insufficient funds

If you have reached or exceeded your credit limit, and your transactions get declined, it means you will not be able to make further transactions. In order to continue making new purchases, you will need to initiate a payment to bring your balance down.

If you have exceeded your credit limit, then you may get charged an overlimit fee. Here's an article to learn more about the overlimit fees. If you’re a secured credit card holder, you have two options if you have reached your credit limit:

  • You can increase your credit limit by increasing your security fund
  • You can initiate a payment to bring your current balance down

If you have the Neo Money™️ card, then insufficient funds mean that you need to add funds to your account in order to use your card.

Inactive card

If this is the first time you are using your physical card, your card may not have been activated. Here’s how to activate your card.

Frozen card

You can freeze and unfreeze your card at any time on the Neo app or website. If your card is frozen, all new transactions will be blocked. Here’s how to freeze or unfreeze your card.

Blocked transactions

Purchases of gambling products and cryptocurrency are restricted on our credit cards. These transactions can’t be approved based on requests as they are blocked.

If you have a JA Money card, purchases for alcohol are restricted on your card. 

Information mismatch

This is specifically for online transactions. Ensure these details are accurate:

  • Card number
  • CVC number
  • Expiry date
  • Address and postal code

The information entered should match the information on your Neo account for your purchase to go through.

One-time password 

You may be sent a 3DS code from Mastercard for security reasons for some online purchases. This code is sent to your phone. Entering this code incorrectly can lead to your card being declined. 

The Neo team will never ask you for a one-time password. This code is only used to authorize some online purchases.

Overdue payments

Your card may be blocked if you have an overdue payment on your credit account. After you make the minimum payment, your card will automatically be unblocked.

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